Know Your Options: A Record Review


A record review can be your first step towards eliminating or significantly reducing pain and improving fertility. During a record review, Dr. Biggerstaff conducts a thorough, personalized review of your medical history and applies his experience, knowledge and expertise to recommend a course of action. After the review, Dr. Biggerstaff will send a letter to you with his findings and with suggestions for further diagnosis and treatment. If laparoscopic surgery is recommended and you would like Dr. Biggerstaff to perform it, we will assist you with the arrangements. If you prefer, you may give his letter to another physician of your choice. 

The more information you can provide, the more complete Dr. Biggerstaff’s record review can be. Your personal physician can assist you with gathering the following documents that are required for the review. You may wish to print out this page as a checklist to give to your doctor. Please send only copies since none of the documents can be returned.

  • Letter of request for record review to Dr. Biggerstaff
  • Operative reports if you have had prior endometriosis surgery
  • Pathology reports from endometriosis surgery
  • Recent notes from your gynecologist
  • A history written by you of symptoms and treatments
  • A completed medical history form (found under Forms on this website)
  • Photos, VHS videos, or DVD’s of prior surgery

The fee for record review is U.S. $200 and is not reimbursable from insurance companies. Please send the payment with your documents.  If you choose to have Dr. Biggerstaff perform surgery, this fee will be deducted from his surgical fee.

Send the letter of request, all documents and payment to:

E. Daniel Biggerstaff III, M.D.
5354 Reynolds Street, Suite 518
Savannah, Georgia 31405

Questions may be sent to the above address or you may call the office at 912-355-7717.


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