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Endometriosis can be difficult to treat or eliminate.  Unfortunately, many women who have this disease go undiagnosed. Others may receive incomplete or improper treatment, leaving them with severe pain that can interfere with daily activities, work, leisure and intimacy.  Without timely diagnosis and treatment, endometriosis can even leave a woman infertile.  The physician you choose and the method of therapy for treating this disease can make critical difference in the outcome.

Dr. Dan Biggerstaff

Dr. Dan Biggerstaff has dedicated over 25 years to diagnosing and treating endometriosis.  He is one of a few dozen physicians across the country who routinely excise deep invasive endometriosis. Some women come to Dr. Biggerstaff already knowing they have endometriosis, usually as a result of prior surgery. Others have symptoms or findings from a pelvic examination that strongly suggest the presence of endometriosis.

If you check yes to any of these signs and symptoms, you may have endometriosis:

  • Severe pain during your period (menses)
  • Severe pain 1-2 weeks prior to your period
  • Pain on deep penetration during intercourse
  • Pain with bowel movements, especially just prior to your period
  • A history of recurring bladder infections, and/or
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant

Endometriosis can cause pain, among pre-teen and teenaged girls shortly after they begin menstruation; or among older women after hysterectomy; or, on occasion, after menopause.  Endometriosis is not the only source of pelvic pain but it is a major cause of it, and it affects millions of women worldwide.

With experience, expertise, and excellence in diagnosing and providing therapy for endometriosis, Dr. Biggerstaff may make a difference in the outcome of your treatment.  Please call for an in-office consultation or request a record review.


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